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Learning Records Service : Digital Education

This year we has a miscommunication with our system. It is pulse medic mandate to provide cost effective cpr and first aid training. Please note we have always been part of the Learning Records Service. As part of the Government’s Digital Strategy we use identifications numbers for the identification of that learner.

Learning Records Service

Learners retain the same unique learner number (ULN) for accessing their personal learning record (PLR) throughout their lives whatever level of learning they attain and wherever they choose to undertake education, training and learning.

Each unique learner number (ULN) is issued and held by the LRS organisation portal. They are for people who use the numbers to index learner identity details as well as education and training qualifications within the PLR.

There are two ways to access this information. Please use the link relevant to your organisation:

You can find your ULN on award certificates or results slips. If you cannot find it ask your current or previous learning provider to collect it from the LRSorganisation portal or to create a ULN for you.

You can help by when coming to a session that we have the correct spelling and demographics. Its ok our trainers will be checking as well. Its makes the process of registration simple and smooth.

Learning Records Service (LRS) web services provide system-to-system communications over a network, which mainly takes place over the Internet. Put simply, the system requests a specific task (or tasks) of another system and then receives a response to its request.

For example, your system can ask the Learner Register to ‘Find a learner’, or‘Update a learner’, to cite just two of the common tasks performed using the Learner Register.

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ILS went really well thank you. Just to give some feedback, Martin the course trainer was brilliant. I have been on ILS courses before and have found the trainers to be a little full on and not really understand care giving and emergencies outside of acute NHS Hospital trusts. Martin understood the skills (and resources available) of nursing staff working in primary care in independent sectors and the situations that they may face.
Interactive relax informer time
Martin was so nice and lovely he was the best