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A broad-arm sling; Did you see that

A broad-arm sling, shoulder immobiliser or a collar & cuff may be prescribed if you have suffered an injury to your arm or shoulder. Each of these act to support and splint the limb in a comfortable position close to the body to allow healing, and vary depending on the type of injury. Ensure that you are comfortable, that you understand the instructions set by the person that applied the … Read More →

A question from last week, Cardiac output ?

Cardiac output

A Question from last week, not just no ordinary first aid course. The cardiac output is simply the amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute. Necessarily, the cardiac output is the product of the heart rate, which is the number of beats per minute, and the stroke volume, which is amount pumped per beat. Remember Physics Starling Forces govern the passive exchange of water between the capillary microcirculation … Read More →

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ILS went really well thank you. Just to give some feedback, Martin the course trainer was brilliant. I have been on ILS courses before and have found the trainers to be a little full on and not really understand care giving and emergencies outside of acute NHS Hospital trusts. Martin understood the skills (and resources available) of nursing staff working in primary care in independent sectors and the situations that they may face.
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Martin was so nice and lovely he was the best