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What Is First Aid and CPR?

What Is First Aid and CPR?

Accidents may come on your way anytime. Hence, it is a must for you to be ready for these possibilities. In case medic assistance cannot be made available instantly, say for instance, the accident takes place in an area that is not so close to the nearest medical facility, there should be someone who knows how to deal with condition of the patient. He or she has to be able to render some simple treatments and interventions for minor problems that should be addressed right away. Minor sprains, fractures and wounds can be treated by applying first aid. In case of a patient who suddenly stumbled because he is having a heart attack, someone can save his life through CPR.

What is First Aid?

What Is First Aid and CPR? By London Medicx

What Is First Aid and CPR? By London Medic

First aid can be simply defined as the assistance that is being provided to a person who suffers from a sudden injury or illness with care that is being rendered in order to preserve life and prevent the status of the patient from worsening, and also to hasten the recovery phase. First aid actually includes initial intervention in case of a severe condition before professional medical assistance can be provided. This includes performing CPR while the ambulance is on its way to a patient’s location and also the comprehensive treatment for some minor conditions like the application of a medical plaster to a minor wound.

This is usually performed by a person who underwent a series of trainings in providing the basic levels of first aid. It also involves managing mental health wherein mental health first aid has turned to be an extension of the first aid concept. Different situations may demand first aid and various countries do have legislation, guidance and regulation that specify the minimum phase of first aid terms in some other circumstances. It may involve specific training and equipment to be made available inside the workplace like automated exterior defibrillator, the stipulation of specialist first aid cover in public occasions and compulsory first aid training inside the schools. There are also different companies today that offer courses for those people who want to be proficient when it comes to first aid.

What is CPR?

The acronym CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and it is the first aid technique which could be used when somebody cannot breathe properly or if his heart has stopped. In here, the professional has to perform chest compressions as well as rescue breaths to keep the oxygen and blood from circulating all over the body. When someone cannot breathe normally and is not responding or moving after a mishap, there should be someone who is able to do CPR while the ambulance is on the way.

In times you are not sure of giving a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a person you don’t know, chest compression only or hands-only CPR can be done to save his life. Most of the time, performing CPR with rescue breaths can help save a life in danger.

Being a medics or a first aid giver requires you to be aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to first aid and CPR. You can turn to be a pro in these two when you enroll to a course offered by a good first aid training provider online like Pulse Medic. Please visit to know more.

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