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What make us learn : Facebook Artificial Intelligence

       What makes us learn? Can we be better clinicians Artificial Intelligence ? What can we learn from AI? is therefore defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. An example is the OK GOOGLE, which is capable of searching through the web by receiving a voice command. The Electronic Health Records (EHR) is the most commonly used AI in the health care industry. Last year we worked with #Google and #Facebook it has changed us helped us grow as clinicians

Facebook is also developing the Facebook AI program, which will be capable of understanding the meaning of what people share, and share the information with the relevant fields including the healthcare(, 2015). This is a huge milestone towards the building of a true picture of health across the world.

Facebook AI Research

Facebook AI Research

Intelligent systems are better at understanding and tracking the changes that the human eye cannot detect. These machines are connected to vast amount of data, which they analyze in real time to generate a solution for a current problem. This process is referred to as data mining. Under ordinary circumstances, human can only collect and analyze a handful of data.


For effective patient care, the practitioners require clinical knowledge and a clear understanding of issues that enable physical therapy practice and affect the delivery of care. However, this requirement of effective patient care is difficult to achieve without the assistance of intelligent machines which can dig into large amount of data to generate a solution.

Martin Anderson : Clinical Intelegence

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ILS went really well thank you. Just to give some feedback, Martin the course trainer was brilliant. I have been on ILS courses before and have found the trainers to be a little full on and not really understand care giving and emergencies outside of acute NHS Hospital trusts. Martin understood the skills (and resources available) of nursing staff working in primary care in independent sectors and the situations that they may face.
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Martin was so nice and lovely he was the best