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80% of adverse incidents happen here !

Communication problems are a factor in up to 80% of adverse incidents or near miss reports in hospitals. This failure of communication is also evident when a medical emergency occurs on a ward and a doctor or nurse summons senior help. The call for help is often suboptimal, with failure by the caller to communicate the seriousness of the situation and to convey information in a way that informs the recipient of the urgency of the situation.

Despite substantial efforts to make cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) algorithms known to healthcare workers, the outcome of CPR has remained poor during the past decades.

Resuscitation teams often deviate from algorithms of CPR. Emerging evidence suggests that in addition to technical skills of individual rescuers, human factors such as teamwork and leadership affect adherence to algorithms and hence the outcome of CPR.

Communication is the absolutely indispensable leadership discipline which is the fundamental ethos of The Power of Communication.  In recent years there has been increasing awareness that team interactions and communication may play a crucial role in the occurrence of medical errors.

In resuscitation as well as there must team leader our trainer Kirsty often mention of a follower or more of the team. The whole team needs to know knowledge of the algorithm and what to do next. Findings from psychological research may help to understand information transmission errors in this situation.

Correctly remembering even short-term information in emergency situations may be particularly difficult if there are many parallel actions taking place, a lot of competing information being transferred, or multiple distractions in the environment. How important is it to not only communicate with each others even more so our patients @drjasonrobinson talking is #therapyworks.

Medics reducing A+E admissions

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The Power of Communication: Managing Information in Public Organizations

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ILS went really well thank you. Just to give some feedback, Martin the course trainer was brilliant. I have been on ILS courses before and have found the trainers to be a little full on and not really understand care giving and emergencies outside of acute NHS Hospital trusts. Martin understood the skills (and resources available) of nursing staff working in primary care in independent sectors and the situations that they may face.
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Martin was so nice and lovely he was the best