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The Importance of Medics in the Army


You’re likely to have heard the term ‘medic’ at the movies or on television: There’s a terrible scene on a battlefield, a man is down and soldiers shout out for a medic whilst trying to tend to the wounded. But, what exactly is an army medic, and what do they do?


It is often thought that a medic within the army is a term for a nurse, or doctor but it’s actually not within the job description of a physician or nurse and is a health care specialist, who is trained and able to provide basic medical treatment to soldiers in emergency situations. Army medics are a crucial part of any platoon who are likely to see combat and training to be an army medic goes above and beyond basic medical training. This is because the situations an army medic may face can be highly stressful, so a candidate needs to prove that they’re able to perform their duties in the heat of battle.

Life for an army medic


Life for an army medic is as rewarding as for any other soldier on the front line. The working hours can be long but fulfilling and an army medic is someone who can truly make a difference to the lives of others. Your response rate, your manner and your passion are the most vital attributes and also qualities shared with the worlds most famous army medics such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

Army medics will be the first line of medical assistance during combat and thus their main duties are focused on emergency treatment, which includes:


  • Administering IV’s
  • Dressing and sterilising wounds
  • Preparing a wounded soldier for evacuation
  • Remaining calm and professional at all times.


It may seem a short list, but it’s one which encompasses a wide range of skills and all of which greatly contribute to saving lives. Being an army medic involves nothing too difficult; you’re simply there to assist immediately to the wounded, with the more detailed medical assistance following this from a doctor, nurse or surgeon. An army medic is the person to prepare a soldier for treatment, to remove them from immediate danger, to stabilize them and to administer TLC.


Pulse Medic Services have two army medics active in the British army at present, and the ability to train many more. We have courses all over the UK that are run by clinicians who we believe make the best teachers as they do so with real life experiences. If you’d like to know more, or are in need of training, then simply get in touch and one of our friendly team will be delighted to help you!


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Medics in the Army

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