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We have transformed

The last year we have transformed our service with Microsoft, bring you a new learning experience. Microsoft Education technologies are easy to setup and manage, integrate with existing school solutions, and maximize IT budgets. Firstly, we would like to express our gratitude and deepest appreciation for your continued support in Pulse Medic   Pulse Medic, is a social enterprise that provides training a wide range of bespoke in-house training and … Read More →

Should I take Drugs?

When building a first aid kit, build it for the medical emergencies you expect to see. It’s a given that you’ll include items for burns, cuts, and scrapes. Depending on the level of injuries you expect, you may even include splints and wraps for sprains or broken bones. It is a much tougher decision whether or not to include medications. Drugs or Not? We often forget all about drugs when … Read More →

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ILS went really well thank you. Just to give some feedback, Martin the course trainer was brilliant. I have been on ILS courses before and have found the trainers to be a little full on and not really understand care giving and emergencies outside of acute NHS Hospital trusts. Martin understood the skills (and resources available) of nursing staff working in primary care in independent sectors and the situations that they may face.
Interactive relax informer time
Martin was so nice and lovely he was the best